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Kathleen Wilson and Dusty

"Since I was a little girl I loved horses and dreamed of riding, maybe even having my own horse. However, growing up in the heart of San Francisco significantly limited my opportunities to ride. One day in 1993, I was browsing the newspaper and came across an ad that asked: "feel like a spot of English riding?". "Yes!" I shouted and immediately picked up the phone. Minutes later I was speaking with Judy Herman who was willing to give me lessons on one of her professionally trained school horses. I scheduled my first lesson and have been making the 60 mile drive every weekend since. I have taken lessons from other instructors, some much closer to my home, but always return to Judy because she understands how to teach adults as well as children. She is intuitive to the needs of both horse and rider and teaches from a balanced combination of theory and experience, customizing her approach to fit both rider skill and learning style.
Finding instructors who teach beginning adults is challenging but finding one who will provide a well trained horse is nearly impossible. Judy provides both the expert instruction as well as expertly trained horses As my riding skill developed she offered more opportunities, including leasing one of her horses. She never missed an opportunity to teach me about riding and horse care and provided me with a solid foundation to one day own my own horse. When the day finally came that I was in a position to own a horse Judy came though again and located a beautiful, expertly trained TBQH gelding named Ben. It was on that day I realized my childhood dream had been fulfilled."

-- Kathleen Wilson

"I came to Judy as an adult beginner. She addressed my individual challenges with understanding and humor. She taught me that my success in becoming a better rider not only led to increased enjoyment for me but also to better caring for my horse. For Judy, it is about the horses."

-- Mabry

"I have known Judy since the 4th grade (when I had a crush on her sister) growing up in Bucks County in the 1950s. She has always been a demonstration of passion and devotion. She is quick and aware, funny and brave. I feel encouraged seeing her loving attention, respect and understanding for the horses and her generosity with the folks who love to be with them. I wish we lived nearby-- it would be a privilege to be working with her."

-- Simon Toparovsky

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